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    Delivering the highest standard of orthopaedic care

    with personal attention to each patient!

Patient Testimonials

"Cheers for the docs at AOA! They are a great group to work for! Thank you Dr. Barnett, Dr. Dement, Dr. Elder and Dr. Jarrett for all you do for your employees!"
- Lisa Merrill Sprinkle

"Dr. Barnett diagnosed a painful problem immediately in the office. I have seen 3 other doctors at other clinics and none of them came close to resolving the problem. This clinic has the most efficient and kind staff that I have ever been to."
- Jill Prescott

"11 days out from new four wheel drive/bionic/ceramisteel super hip crafted by Artist/Surgeon, Marc Barnett. Thanks, Doc!"

"Dr. Jarrett did a good job with his presentation at the Mission Outpatient Center Wednesday evening in Haywood County."
- Beth Gray

"Dr. Elder is one great doctor thanks Dr. Elder for my surgeries you did a great job!!"
- Helen Radin

"Dr. Dement and his associates do a great job. I felt very well taken care of from the initial doctor visit through my surgery and at every post-op appointment since. Dr. Dement understood that my priority was to get back to the daily activities of my life. He made that possible."
- Judy Meyers

"My kids and I were amazed how quickly I recovered after shoulder surgery. I'm feeling 100% better after only a few weeks and I owe it all to Dr. Elder and his awesome staff."
- Rebecca Allen

"Dr. Marc Barnett recently did my bilateral knee replacements. I am absolutely thrilled with the results so far. Dr. Barnett has given me a new lease on life. Thank you so much!"
- Cindy McGuire Pennington